Smoked Salmon on Rye

Smoked Salmon on Rye

Artisans At Work

Yesterday I was completely transported. Two of my favourite loves in the culinary world are smoked salmon and fresh, home baked bread. Together they are heavenly. I am so lucky. Both my brother and my sister in law are proficient and proflific bakers. And they don’t mind sharing their artisan loaves with us. They bake over the weekend and even get up in the wee hours of a weekday morning to bake before they go to work. Now that is love. And dedication! So I was gifted with a beautiful, fresh loaf of rye sourdough bread and I knew I had to marry it with something special. So it was to be: Smoked Salmon on Rye.

Smoked Salmon and Herbed Cream Cheese

What is not to love about smoked salmon! Beautiful, savoury, smokey and melt in your mouth smoked salmon can be paired with so many accompaniments. For Smoked Salmon on Rye I chose a herbed cream cheese. Pure and simple. I used dill, capers and a touch of horseradish and the troops were knocking each other over trying to get to seconds. It was the perfect lunch on a mild, sunny spring day.

Simple and Flavourful

I lightened the cream cheese with some sour cream. Used a liberal amount of chopped dill and capers. A generous amount of cracked pepper, a little salt and some horseradish cream. I also added some lemon juice. The horseradish is completely optional and it is also scaleable. You can start with a touch and add in as much as you like. Or you can chose not to use it all and it will still be delicious. For the smoked salmon, try and use wild caught salmon. It has a much superior flavour and texture.

Now if I can just convince my brother and sister in law to part with their artisan recipe I will have struck gold. I believe that for this rye loaf they used 50% rye flour and 50% white bread flour. This loaf had perfect texture and just the right amount of chewiness. Absolutely. Utterly. Delicious. I just hope my combination of smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese did it justice. Smoked Salmon on Rye might be nice as an entree for Christmas lunch……

Smoked Salmon on Rye Pin

The perfect light lunch or appetiser. Delectable smoked salmon on a delicious, herbed creamy spread.

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