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Milly, Molly & Me is a celebration of food and how it can make the moment, bringing special times to friends and family. Anyone can create beautiful food and can delight in sharing with others. I prepare recipes with fresh ingredients that will please a crowd, provide comfort to the solitary or just nurture those I love. (BTW Milly and Molly are my Australorp chickens who provide me with fresh eggs and plenty of free range inspiration).


My name is Jane Georgiades.  I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Cooking fresh food is one way I know how to nourish my family and friends and the best way to create a wonderful celebration.


I grew up cooking at the elbows of my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was famous for her baking and my mother was and still is famous for her roasts. Their food brought wonderful aromas and wonderful times to our home – something that I always wanted to continue with my own family. My husband’s family has Greek heritage with a strong and wonderful focus on the food of that culture which I have been lucky enough to learn along the way.


My focus is on fresh and I choose to create food over buying store bought options for meals.  I truly believe that this contributes to the health of my family and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction too.


Most of the recipes I have created have been developed while my family was growing or were handed down to me from my family. They aren’t intricate or time consuming.  I aim to capture the essence and freshness of each ingredient so that flavours meld perfectly and are memorable. My food is rustic and definitely not fussy.


I try to cook with what is in season although in Australia often it is easy to get ingredients all year round due to our widespread growing conditions.  I buy the freshest and best quality that I can to ensure the best flavours.


My advice for anyone who cooks for a family is to cook with them and enjoy the process.  That way your meal and your life will be even more special.


I hope you enjoy Milly, Molly & Me and that my recipes will soon make up some of your repertoire.


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